We have just released "The Orchestral Album", a selection of 10 songs cherry-picked from our catalogue, completely re-arranged and recorded with a concert orchestra which features many of Ennio Morricone's regular orchestral players.

Crowdfunded by our wonderful fan base, this album combines BELLADONNA's noir and passionate tones with Kazakh arranger/conductor Angelina Yershova's luscious and heart-blowing orchestrations to create a deeply emotional journey.

It is not our first orchestral escapade: we have written and recorded a song with legendary British composer Michael Nyman, the strings part of our single "The God Below" has been used on a Clio Award-winning international TV spot for the blockbuster movie "Minions", and an orchestral arrangement composed by our guitarist Dani Macchi is featured in the soundtrack of Michael Moore's new movie "Where To Invade Next".

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Watch a 2 mins video preview of "The Orchestral Album":

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