BELLADONNA new single in a NETFLIX trailer!

We have just released a new single!! It is titled "Spiders of Gomorrah", and it is featured in the trailer of the new Netflix series "Godless"!

Our music has recently been licensed in the marketing campaigns of several Hollywood blockbusters, including "Fantastic 4", "Minions", "Split", "My Cousin Rachel", "The Dark Tower", "Shadow of War", "DeadRising 4" and "Black Panther" - but "Godless" is a noir western, full of mystery, dust, black-hearted outcasts and ruthless women, totally our kind of imagery! So it was with much joy that we licensed our new song in its trailer!

"Spiders of Gomorrah" is available for download on Gumroad at this link: Click below to stream it for free on Spotify.

You can hear "Spiders of Gomorrah" from 0'00" till 0'30" in the "Godless" trailer at this link:


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