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belladonna: news

new album out soon!!!... - December 5, 2012

"Aura"… "Ishtar Blues"… "Primal Dream"… "Karma Warrior"… these are the titles of some of the new BELLADONNA songs currently being mixed and soon to be released… and we can guarantee you that if you love Aural Sex you'll go absolutely crazy with pleasure when you'll hear them… ♥

the czech tour pics!!... - November 12, 2012

BELLADONNA Czech Tour Oct 2012: A few photographic mementoes of our mad Czech Republic tour that saw us paint noir 10 Czech cities.... Intensities in ten cities....:

belladonna czech tour oct 2012!! - October 9, 2012

Here's the poster of BELLADONNA's upcoming Czech Tour!!...

great fan-made belladonna video!!... - October 7, 2012

We've seen loads of fan-made videos of BELLADONNA songs, and many of them are truly great, but this one is possibly the most eerie and emotionally gripping… and it seems to encapsulate all of "My Golden Dawn": the rage, the anger and the fire… and of course the teachings of Aleister Crowley… we just HAVE to share it with you all… ♥

belladonna live in london!!... - September 16, 2012

CONFIRMED!!... ♥ BELLADONNA will play a special headline showcase gig at the Zigfrid Von Underbelly in LONDON on the 26th of September!!!... ♥ Print the flyer below to get a £3 discount off the door!!...

belladonna free download!!... - August 15, 2012

"Resurrect My Soul". ♥ A BELLADONNA Tale of Sensual Healing. ♥ Download it FOR FREE now at the link below. ♥

"...In my eschatology
You’re Jesus in disguise
I am the Magdalene
You crucify..."

BELLADONNA - Resurrect my Soul by *BELLADONNA*

songwriting... - July 4, 2012

We are currently in the midst of a very deep and intense songwriting phase... and so many most emotionally gripping BELLADONNA songs are flowing out and coming to life in front of our very ears and hearts that it's actually amazing even ourselves... we cannot wait to commit them to tape and share them with you... be prepared for a splendid avalanche of BELLADONNA music in the Fall... ♥

music, magic and madness - April 13, 2012

…mixing and releasing a very special single, shooting a video for it, touring the Czech Republic, writing songs for our next album, rehearsing for it and recording it, releasing through our own entertainment company an outstanding coffee-table book of photographs by an amazing artist and giving all its proceeds to charity, organizing and attending the book's release events in Rome, London and L.A., doing a one/off open-air show in Rome, spending several weeks in L.A. to make music for a fabulous as-yet-very-secret project, going on tour for over a month all over Europe, mixing our next album and then releasing it… BELLADONNA's next 6 months seem poised to be a fantastic whirlwind of Music, Magic and Madness!!!… ♥

belladonna to tour the Czech Republic!!... - April 10, 2012

On the strenght of the successful Prague show of their January European Tour BELLADONNA get invited for a full club tour, starting at the end of April! The tour will include an headline appearance at the Carodejnice open air festival in Prague!...
Here's all the details of the tour:

29/4 - metaxa club - SOKOLOV
30/4 - carodejnice festival (headline show) - PRAGUE
1/5 - cafe na pul cesty - PRAGUE
2/5 - kino - CERNOSICE
3/5 - boss bar - PODERBRADY
4/5 - kofola music club - KRNOV

For any info on this tour feel free to write to the band at

interview and live on la repubblica's website!! - January 6, 2012

BELLADONNA video interview + 3 live songs on the website of Italy's biggest newspaper LA REPUBBLICA!!!!...

the noir hour - January 5, 2012

Great news!! ♥ Starting from mid-January, the most prestigious Italian rock radio, ROCK'N'ROLL RADIO, will broadcast THE NOIR HOUR, a weekly radio program of visionoir, mysterotic and pyromantic Music, created and hosted by our own DANI MACCHI!!... ♥ All the details in the next few days... ...stay tuned!!...

european tour january 2012 - December 30, 2011

BELLADONNA EUROPEAN TOUR 2012 to start in 2 weeks!!… ♥

13 Jan - Rock on the Road, Desio - ITALY
14 Jan - Rock city, Uster - SWITZERLAND
16 Jan - Livestage, Innsbruck - AUSTRIA
17 Jan - Shelter, Vienna - AUSTRIA
18 Jan - Café na pul cesty, Prague - CZECH REPUBLIC
19 Jan - Garage deluxe, Munich - GERMANY
20 Jan - Ex'n'pop, Berlin - GERMANY
21 Jan - Signing Session: UFA Kristallpalast, Dresden - GERMANY
22 Jan - Puschkin Club, Dresden - GERMANY
25 Jan - Blue Shell, Cologne - GERMANY
26 Jan - D:Qliq, Luxembourg - LUXEMBOURG
27 Jan - De pit, Terneuzen - NETHERLANDS
28 Jan - Konvex Bar, Düsseldorf - GERMANY

belladonna live in rome! - December 6, 2011

BELLADONNA live in Rome!! Free entry!!

belladonna on italian national radio! - December 6, 2011

BELLADONNA & MICHAEL NYMAN "Let There Be Light" broadcast on Italian Radio RAI!! ♥ Our song was played in the program "6 gradi" alongside Rossini and J.Cash, so we were in great musical company indeed! ♥ Click on this link: to download the podcast of the program, it's the 1st of December one!!

belladonna & michael nyman: the video - November 22, 2011

BELLADONNA & MICHAEL NYMAN "Let There Be Light": here's the very visio-noir video of the song we wrote with the legendary British composer, based on his music of the Oscar winning movie "The Piano" and featuring Nyman himself on the piano. Watch it here now!!

belladonna live in berlin - October 26, 2011

BELLADONNA add a Berlin date to their January 2012 European Tour!!...

european tour jan 2012!!... - September 7, 2011

BELLADONNA to tour all over Europe in January 2012!!!... click the link for all the details

imagine world peace - September 1, 2011

In 2006 we wrote "Imagine World Peace", our tribute song to John Lennon and all victims of human violence and made it available on our MySpace for the 5th anniversary of 9/11. ♥ Today, on the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we publish on our YouTube a little heartmade video of it. If you - like us - still believe that "Lennon could not be wrong", then "Imagine World Peace" is your song too ♥

belladonna and vince neil - August 28, 2011

VINCE NEIL & BELLADONNA!! On Italian magazine Ver Sacrum the news of our band being mentioned in the MOTLEY CRUE singer's autobiography!! ♥

morning star blues - August 22, 2011

‎"Come Aurora – I will be beyond it all / Soar angelic past the point of no return / Son of Shahar – Will you turn my Aura on? / I will be reborn - And I will free my butterfly..."
Morning Star Blues by *Belladonna*

uk tour pics!!... - July 11, 2011

BELLADONNA UK mini-tour July 2011!! Watch the Facebook exclusive behind-the-scenes photo gallery!!

"and there was light" enters iTunes charts!!... - May 30, 2011

AWESOME NEWS!!!… BELLADONNA's "And There Was Light" enters the Italian iTunes Top 100!!!… An amazing achievement for a totally indie, self-produced band!!! …. THANKS SO MUCH TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!…. ♥ ♥ ♥

"and there was light" on iTunes!!... - May 25, 2011

The new BELLADONNA album is now out worldwide on iTunes!!... Here's the link:


download the new album on cd baby!!... - May 21, 2011

BELLADONNA "And There Was Light": DOWNLOAD the full album in mp3 for only $9.99!!!…

new album title and cover revealed!!... - May 2, 2011

Here's the cover and the title of the BELLADONNA NEW ALBUM!!!!!… The eerie cover pic was shot by co-producer Alex Elena from the garden of the Speakeasy recording studio in Hollywood, L.A. during a dinner break from our album's recording sessions. As soon as we saw it we just knew we had to use it for the cover and that the album title had to be "And There Was Light" ♥


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