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THE FIRST SINGLE from the NEW BELLADONNA ALBUM! - December 10, 2018

Our new album "No Star Is Ever Too Far" is out on the 30th of January (pre-order it NOW here:, and its first single is out today!! It is titled "The Purest Of Loves", and it is a tale of erotic obsession.

Listen to the full version of "The Purest Of Loves" at these links:


A BELLADONNA song in the new Michael Moore movie - September 18, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that a BELLADONNA song is included in the new Michael Moore movie "Fahrenheit 11/9", out in the USA on Sept 21st.

The song is "Damn Your Love", from BELLADONNA's "The Orchestral Album", our 2016 album recorded with a symphonic orchestra.

To be in the movie of one of the greatest filmmakers of our time is for us an incredible honor and a true joy.



BELLADONNA's guitarist plays in the trailer of the new Michael Moore movie - August 9, 2018

Michael Moore has just released the trailer of his new movie "Fahrenheit 11/9", out on Sept the 21st.

The Oscar-winning director wanted in his trailer an electric guitar version of the American Anthem 'The Star Spangled Banner', and BELLADONNA's Dani Macchi was commissioned to play it.

Watch the 'Fahrenheit 11/9' trailer on The Guardian's article on it: . Dani's solo starts at 1'30".

The "Spiders of Gomorrah" VIDEO!!... - December 20, 2017

We have just released the video of "Spiders of Gomorrah", recently featured in the trailer of the Netflix series Godless!

The video was directed and edited by our singer Luana Caraffa and guitarist Dani Macchi, and it features Luana - recently described by the renowned music critic Simon Reynolds as "a fantastic singer" - delivering a striking, enthralling close-up performance.

BELLADONNA new single in a NETFLIX trailer! - November 25, 2017

We have just released a new single!! It is titled "Spiders of Gomorrah", and it is featured in the trailer of the new Netflix series "Godless"!

Our music has recently been licensed in the marketing campaigns of several Hollywood blockbusters, including "Fantastic 4", "Minions", "Split", "My Cousin Rachel", "The Dark Tower", "Shadow of War", "DeadRising 4" and "Black Panther" - but "Godless" is a noir western, full of mystery, dust, black-hearted outcasts and ruthless women, totally our kind of imagery! So it was with much joy that we licensed our new song in its trailer!

"Spiders of Gomorrah" is available for download on Gumroad at this link: Click below to stream it for free on Spotify.

You can hear "Spiders of Gomorrah" from 0'00" till 0'30" in the "Godless" trailer at this link:


Follow BELLADONNA on Spotify! - November 9, 2017

BELLADONNA in the "Black Panther" trailer! - October 19, 2017

We are very thrilled to announce that the "Black Panther" trailer includes a musical element written and recorded by BELLADONNA!

You can hear it from 2'08" till 2'14", on top of the trailer's main song, "BagBak" by Vince Staples:

It is a real honor for us to have been commissioned to make music for this truly epic Marvel trailer, probably the most-awaited movie trailer of the year and, at over 15 million views in only 24 hours, probably one of the most popular trailers of all time too!

BELLADONNA in a USA documentary produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras - June 21, 2017

The BELLADONNA song "ABDUCTION" has been included in the last scene and end credits of the American documentary "Here I'll Stay", co-produced by Oscar-winning "Citizenfour" director Laura Poitras (watch it here:!...

For the occasion the band releases the "ABDUCTION" EP, which includes 3 tracks: "The Orchestral Album"'s version of "ABDUCTION" that appears in the documentary, the original version of the song from the "Shooting Dice With God" album, and also the as-yet-released orchestra-only instrumental version!...

To download the "ABDUCTION" EP click here:

BELLADONNA in two major Hollywood TV spots - June 15, 2017

Two of our tracks have just been used in two TV spots for the dark romance Hollywood movie "My Cousin Rachel", featuring Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz!...

Both tracks are from the recently released "BELLADONNA Soundscapes Collection Vol.1" (more info on this release here:

"It is not the first time that our music is included in a major Hollywood movie's marketing campaign - it has already happened with the "Minions" and "Split" international TV spots - but it is always a great thrill and honor for a totally independent and self-produced band like ours!" says our singer and songwriter Luana Caraffa.

"Spartacus", the new BELLADONNA single - April 10, 2017

A rebel song, a call to arms, 2 minutes of pure anthemic fury.

The new BELLADONNA single.

Click here to download it:


"THE ORCHESTRAL ALBUM" OUT NOW!!!... - March 26, 2016

We have just released "The Orchestral Album", a selection of 10 songs cherry-picked from our catalogue, completely re-arranged and recorded with a concert orchestra which features many of Ennio Morricone's regular orchestral players.

Crowdfunded by our wonderful fan base, this album combines BELLADONNA's noir and passionate tones with Kazakh arranger/conductor Angelina Yershova's luscious and heart-blowing orchestrations to create a deeply emotional journey.

It is not our first orchestral escapade: we have written and recorded a song with legendary British composer Michael Nyman, the strings part of our single "The God Below" has been used on a Clio Award-winning international TV spot for the blockbuster movie "Minions", and an orchestral arrangement composed by our guitarist Dani Macchi is featured in the soundtrack of Michael Moore's new movie "Where To Invade Next".

Click here to buy "The Orchestral Album" on iTunes.

Click here to buy "The Orchestral Album" on CD Baby.

Watch a 2 mins video preview of "The Orchestral Album":

BELLADONNA in a "MINIONS" tv spot!!... - July 12, 2015

A new BELLADONNA song has been chosen as the music for a "MINIONS" spot!!!!...

The tv spot is titled "Fifty Shades of Yellow":

The BELLADONNA song they chose is "The God Below" and can be listened to here: and purchased here:

"Undress Your Soul" on YouTube!!... - June 22, 2015

Watch the BELLADONNA & PASQUALE CATALANO "Undress Your Soul" video!!...

NEW BELLADONNA SONG!!! - June 16, 2015

We have just released a brand new song!! It's titled "Undress Your Soul" and it's the fruit of our collaboration with renowned Italian film composer Pasquale Catalano.

His music for cult TV series "Romanzo Criminale" here becomes a sensual yet spiritual rock noir song: "Undress Your Soul".

To view the video on La Repubblica's website click here:


Yesterday a fabulous dream came true: we recorded with the Orchestra the BELLADONNA Orchestral album!! 

In this picture the actual moment when we are recording "Morpheus", the song that will open the album. A moment of truly shamanic and spiritual intensity, that has left all of us transfixed with absolute pure joy



In 10 days' time we will be in the studio with an orchestra to record live our ORCHESTRAL ALBUM and we're sooooo thrilled!!...

"Abduction" is one of the songs we will record with a totally different and very orchestral arrangement for this special album, and today we want to share the original version of this song - the one on our "Shooting Dice With God" album - with all of you!!...

This is the link to stream it and download it for free!! And of course you can also share it with all your music lovin' friends!!!... 

WOW!!!... €12.030 raised!!!... - July 20, 2014

The BELLADONNA: THE ORCHESTRAL ALBUM campaign has now ended!!!... And what an AMAZING SUCCESS it has been!!! €12.030 raised!!! 150% of the original goal!!! THANKS SO MUCH TO YOU ALL!!!! GRAZIE A TUTTI!!!!


To celebrate the launch of their crowdfunding campaign BELLADONNA today release on SoundCloud as a FREE DOWNLOAD the track featured on the campaign's presentation video, the acoustic ballad "Morpheus", taken from their debut album "Metaphysical Attraction"!


Italian cult rock noir purveyors BELLADONNA have just launched a campaign on crowdfunding platform MUSICRAISER!!

Titled "BELLADONNA: THE ORCHESTRAL ALBUM", the campaign is aimed at raising funds for the live recording in a studio of an Album of 10 classic BELLADONNA songs with a CONCERT ORCHESTRA.

The list of rewards includes the CD and Vinyl copies of the resulting Album, a glossy photobook, the invite to attend the event, and even the actual guitar BELLADONNA's guitarist Dani Macchi will play in the recording and the top hat singer Luana Caraffa will wear at the event!

The campaign is live now here:


BELLADONNA's guitarist Dani Macchi has just become an Official Endorser of D'ADDARIO strings!

Dani is elated by this deal: "D'Addario is one of the biggest and most legendary guitar strings manufacturers in the world so this is an awesome thrill and honor for me and for our band!..."

Check out Dani's profile on Italian D'ADDARIO distributor BODE's website:

live on tv at La Repubblica!!... - February 11, 2014

Tonight BELLADONNA will be amongst the guests of WEBNOTTE, a TV program on air every Tuesday night on, the website of LA REPUBBLICA (Italy's best-selling daily newspaper, its website being in the Top 10 most viewed websites in Italy)!!...

new video!!... - January 20, 2014

Watch the BELLADONNA "If I Was God" video!!...

belladonna live in london!!... - January 18, 2014

BELLADONNA will play a very special showcase in London on the 26th of February!!...

It will be at the Borderline, one of the world's most legendary music clubs that has played host to R.E.M., Jeff Healey, Oasis and countless other illustrious artists: a true, true honour for us.

We will play this show to support the release in all UK stores - distributed by Cargo, UK's biggest indie record distributor - of our latest album "Shooting Dice With God".

european tour just announced!!... - October 8, 2013

We are thrilled to announce that BELLADONNA will soon hit the road again for a club tour that will take us throughout Europe!!...

Here's the current tour itinerary:

Fri, Oct 18 - Red Zone - Luino (VA) - ITA
Sat, Oct 19 - Brin De Zinc - Barberaz - FRA
Wed, Oct 23 - La Sociedad Hard Rock - Salamanca - SPA
Thu, Oct 24 - Sala Impacto - Plasencia - SPA
Fri, Oct 25 - La Calle - Alzira - SPA
Sat, Oct 26 - Serjos Zona Rock - Monzon - SPA
Fri, Nov 1 - BluesHouse - Milano - ITA
Sat, Nov 9 - Cultural House - Kraslice - CZE
Tue, Nov 12 - Café Na Půl Cesty (unplugged) - Prague CZE
Wed, 13 Nov - XT3 - Prague - CZE
Fri, Nov 15 - Attic Club - Litvínov - CZE
Sat, Nov 16 - Death Magnetic - Domazlice - CZE
Sat, Dec 14 - ZTL - Matera - ITA

More dates to be added soon!!!...

euro tour 2013 promo video!!... - July 22, 2013

Watch the BELLADONNA Euro Tour 2013 promo video!!...

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