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Follow BELLADONNA on Spotify! - November 9, 2017

BELLADONNA in the "Black Panther" trailer! - October 19, 2017

We are very thrilled to announce that the "Black Panther" trailer includes a musical element written and recorded by BELLADONNA!

You can hear it from 2'08" till 2'14", on top of the trailer's main song, "BagBak" by Vince Staples:

It is a real honor for us to have been commissioned to make music for this truly epic Marvel trailer, probably the most-awaited movie trailer of the year and, at over 15 million views in only 24 hours, probably one of the most popular trailers of all time too!

BELLADONNA in a USA documentary produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras - June 21, 2017

The BELLADONNA song "ABDUCTION" has been included in the last scene and end credits of the American documentary "Here I'll Stay", co-produced by Oscar-winning "Citizenfour" director Laura Poitras (watch it here:!...

For the occasion the band releases the "ABDUCTION" EP, which includes 3 tracks: "The Orchestral Album"'s version of "ABDUCTION" that appears in the documentary, the original version of the song from the "Shooting Dice With God" album, and also the as-yet-released orchestra-only instrumental version!...

To download the "ABDUCTION" EP click here:

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